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For your protection, comfort, and treatment, we always use:

> Steam sterilization (autoclave) allows us to steam sterilize our instruments at 27 psi, 275°F (135°C). We also use independent laboratory verification and monitoring of sterilization techniques.

> Anti-retraction valve on waterlines to prevent backflow of water.

> Dental Water Purification with Iodine releasing cartridge to destroy micro-bacteria on tubing.

> Purge all water lines before and after each patient.

> Intra-oral camera for documentation, diagnosis and patient education.

> Digital radiology (computer enhanced imaging) with updated and registered X-Ray machines to reduce the amount of radiation exposure to our patients.

> Autoclavable Sonic handpieces for more effective scaling and root planning.

> Autoclavable Fiber Optic handpieces for better visibility.

> Using disposable plastics to prevent cross contamination.

> Complete and updated Emergency Kit.

> CPR certified employees.


South Shore Dental wants you to feel confident and comfortable with us, so please ask us any questions you may have. We love serving you!


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